Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Summary of 23 Things -I Will I Can I Do!!!!

Well -- favorite isn't the word that comes to mind when I look back on these exercises -- in part because the idea of blogging leaves me cold. To me it is like a vanity press of prattling and in some cases sooooo without boundaries. And blogging -- again to me -- is boring. Even childish. Hey -- even Craigslist has a 'Rant and Rave' link.
And stuff like You Tube and Podcasts??
To me these are simply scary places that offer a home sweet home to your friendly sociopathic predator.
Having said all of that, some of this was fun.
Meez-- who'd have thunk? It turned me into a kid again.
NetLibrary -- very cool and impressive as well as the Wed 2.0 perspectives and LibraryThing which was surprisingly refreshing.
Improvement? A shorter list of 'things' with some kind of training brainstorming hands-on to make it 'sink in'. In fact, I'd like to really really LEARN some of these 'things' in more detail.
My learning experience?
I feel like I did it all on my own at least;(except maybe for Jaye's sparkling doses of encouragement).
Yeah -- my blog might look rough but it's mine baby!

Thing 22

Taking a look at availability of "Mistress of the Art of Death" on Overdrive in lieu of book format when in need ofBook Club reserve titles. Hmmmmm

Podcasts - 21

Awwww! These dogs are so cute . . . Thank you Yahoopodcasts

Discovering You Tube - 20

I used this site to find research info on Jim Morrison (first rock star to be arrested) getting maced in New Haven 1967.

Exploring Web 2.0's award list -

Craigslist rocks!! Just check out my vintage sofa . . .!

Online Productivity - 18

Tried Lame. Just a word pad tool. . .

SandBox wiki 17